our staff

Pastor Ryan Donley

Lead Pastor

"I am blown away that I get to serve as lead pastor of my home church. I am the man I am today because of the lifelong friendships I made growing up right here in Hillsboro. This is my family and to be given the opportunity to invest in those who invested in me for so long is a true honor. Know this: HNC can be your family too!"

Pastor Ryan grew up in Hillsboro, but has lived in Ohio, New York, Oregon, Idaho, Missouri, Kansas, Wisconsin and Illinois. He returned in 2015 to serve Hillsboro Nazarene, his home congregation, as youth pastor. In 2019, he accepted the call of lead pastor.


Pastor Ryan enjoys movies, Victorian literature and other fiction, studying ancient cultures, target shooting, woodworking, fishing and going on crazy adventures.

Pastor Miguel Rodrigeuz

Latino Ministry Pastor


Pastor Miguel joined our HNC family to serve as pastor to our Latino congregation in 2015.


He and his wife Laura married in 2004 and have two children, Victoria and Caleb. 

Cindy Bartell

Children's Director


"I love children's ministry because it gives me the chance to share Christ with our kiddos and watch them grow in their faith."

Cindy officially holds the title for longest term staff member with an amazing 19 years of service at Hillsboro Nazarene. Cindy and her husband Mike were married in 1991 and they have three children, Cory, Hallie and Rylie.


Cindy likes to read books and drink coffee, tap dance, shuttle her kids around to all their activities and play with her five dogs.

Carrie Bansod

Office Administrator


Carrie began serving as office administrator at HNC in 2017. She and her husband Asmin were wed in 2010 and have three kiddos.


Carrie enjoys reading, writing and the great outdoors.


Lisa Stewart



"I love bookkeeping at HNC because my work follows logical rules and procedures. Outside of work, I will happily pull weeds, clean, and complete other boring tasks, so long as I can listen to an audiobook while I work!"

Lisa began serving as bookkeeper at HNC in 2019. She and her husband Trent have been married for more than 25 years and have two adult sons, Taylor and Jalil.


Lisa enjoys hot tea, chapstick, taking a nap with her little dog, Blackie, and cardio anything…except swimming because that’s just too hard. Lisa is also a firm supporter of the Oxford comma.